The New Awakening

As Christians, we need to have an ear to hear what God is speaking to His church, “This is a new day.” For the last one hundred years, the global church has experienced the unprecedented blessings of the Pentecostal-charismatic Movement. However, the movement has reached its full expression.

There is a call going forth for a new awakening in your life and in the church. In The New Awakening, Loren Covarrubias sheds light upon this brand new era for the body of Christ from a prophetic perspective. He also provides practical application principles to walk in maturity and power in your everyday life.

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Walking Worthy of The Call

The Book of Acts, chapter six, tells us, “The word of God spread” and “…the number of disciples multiplied greatly.” It is time for the spreading of the Word to have the added dimension of the “multiplication of the disciples”. We have settled for converts and believers when God is looking for life-transformed followers walking in the completeness of Christ as disciples!

The Spirit of the Lord is calling out to us in this hour to not only believe, but to be trained to continue in the work of Christ. Will you accept the call of God and live beyond yourself through a life of change? It is time to fulfill His purpose for His Church collectively and His intent for His people individually.

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God is speaking clearly to the church—it is time to take your place of influence in the world. Yet, one of the greatest lies propagated by the enemy in the garden that is still believed today is that God is controlling. Author and Pastor Loren Covarrubias will position you to gain a perspective on the kingdom of God and the goal of Christianity before it was watered down to its current state. Walking through the Word of God in a step-by-step fashion, we are given an opportunity to address emotions, mindsets, and even traditions that have prevented us from being the powerful Church Jesus so boldly proclaimed at His departure.

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At a young age we typically have planted in our minds the idea of the devil as a little figure in a red suit with a tail carrying a pitchfork. As we grow older we realize that the devil probably doesn’t look like that, but there is still a visual picture that comes to mind when the devil is mentioned and we most definitely keep the idea that the devil is out to get us.

Much of what people believe about the devil is based upon subjective experiences and the traditions of men rather than the Word of God. This book will challenge your beliefs about the devil and the role that he plays both in the world and in your own personal life. Examine the scriptures with me and you will see what the Word of God tells us concerning these things.

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This book is full of good news and real possibilities. You will discover what you have always wanted: God’s favor and the daily experience of His presence and care. God’s favor is closer than most of us can imagine; it is not so elusive or selective as some would have you believe. Destiny is at humanity’s doorstep, your doorstep, thanks to God’s favor. In Discovering Favor with God, you will learn how to: Experience the favor of God in your daily life, enjoy the intimacy of Daddy’s lap as well as the destiny of Father’s purpose, deal with the devils in your own garden, and discover life in another dimension. You are about to discover and experience what you have always desired, the favor of God.

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About Father’s House recounts the lessons and principles that God has established from the beginning at Mt. Zion. It is a powerful and inspiring look at the heart of the Father for His church. About Father’s House shows how the local church is a witness and testimony of His covenant with the earth. Learn how you can mature from a servant to a friend, to a son, and to a full heir of God. This book will minister to your spirit and stir your vision to see the church brought to her rightful place of exaltation.

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