Do you hear the call from heaven or the noise of the world?

Loren Covarrubias Blog

In the 1990s, the Lord spoke to me many things about the future and how we should prepare for the times. He said that although the nation was throwing off restraint, we would see “new legalism” in the days ahead. After witnessing the rejection of the moral code that was based upon Christian values from our inception as a nation, we now have new laws enforcing the codes of the new morality. The funny thing about prophecy is although it can warn you of the future, the unfolding of it can still come as a great shock.

Back then, even politicians with liberal social views stood against gay marriage, instead proposing an alternative known as “civil unions.” Time proved this only to be a political ploy since most of them changed their stand when it became politically acceptable and actually advantageous to do so.

We thought we could change our world through politics, but politicians reflect the demands of society in a democratic country. If we want to have influence, it must be with the people. This means it is only through popular movement that we will impact our nation.

The battle we face is not for the control of government, but for the minds of the people!

Shock and Awe
Years ago when I received numerous words from the Lord about the time we are in, I would have never imagined people losing their jobs because they tried to keep men out of the women’s changing rooms. Nor would I have thought people would lose their businesses because they didn’t want to be a part of a gay marriage ceremony. For many years, I heard about “post modernism.” This would be the age when science and logic would be replaced by subjective or emotional arguments.

As Christians, we often think our enemy is science, especially because of evolution. I know this is dangerous, but at least you can debate someone who makes their stand on what they believe to be factual evidence. When you put debate in the realm of emotions, you have a whole different problem. For instance, we can’t tell people what gender they are because it doesn’t matter what body parts they have if they “feel” like something else.

Reality has been replaced by fantasy. This is alarming!

Not only has society come to the place of accepting these ideas; now they are legislating our conformity too.

Let’s Keep Our Eyes Trained in the Kingdom!
In April 1999, I prophesied of a confusion coming upon the land that would impact business, political, and social realms. It would be like the times of the tower of Babel in Genesis 11, when man in his pride tried to usurp the realm of God, so God sent confusion upon the people. God spoke to me through this that we should not be reactive to the confusion, but to look for how God would use it for the harvest.

I declare that it is harvest time! We the Christian Church must turn our weapons of war into weapons of harvest. As I said in a previous blog, this will be a different response than those in the world, but we must hear the call from heaven, not the “noise” of our world.

“He shall judge between the nations, and rebuke many people; they shall beat their swords into plowshares, And their spears into pruning hooks; Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, Neither shall they learn war anymore.” (Isaiah 2:4)

Join me in responding to the call from heaven to be a harvester!