Have we lost the Spirit and Truth to be trendy?

Loren Covarrubias Blog

When I was a small child, my mom would read to me from a big family Bible my dad got her for her 31st birthday. Regularly, I would run and get the Bible and ask my mom to read me one of the stories. Although it was a normal Bible, the back of the Bible included the main stories with pictures. As a child, this made the stories seem more real to me. From an early age, I learned that these were not just stories, but the Word of God full of life lessons. The Psalmist declared in Psalm 119:105, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” I have followed this verse of scripture throughout my life. The Bible declares these things were “written for our example” to admonish us on the proper course of life. As I got older, I moved past the picture phase and went to the main text, reading, studying, and ultimately, structuring my life to live what was written. Psalm 119:104 declares, “Through Your precepts I get understanding; therefore I hate every false way.” When making life decisions, I have always consulted the wisdom of God’s word and I can say with all honesty it helped make decisions that blessed me in that immediate season and also planted seeds of blessing for the future.

Seek the Full Counsel of the Word (Not Just the “Half” Counsel)
We are living in a time when most people do not value the Word of God. There was a time in American history when even people outside of the church honored the Scripture as the Word of God and were comfortable consulting it for guidance in life and society. In what has been called the “post-modern age,” people no longer want the guidance of the Word; instead, they settle for self-satisfying experiences. Subjective or emotional motivations have replaced objective and logical choices. This isn’t just concerning scripture, but is a general motivation of our society. It is so important to understand that God made mankind with emotions. The balance of logic with feeling is a good thing, but one without the other can be very damaging. I see this worldly trend is influencing Christians, too. Believers are taking parts of the Bible that enable them to feed their emotional motivations and feelings, but fail to take the counsel of the Word in its entirety. As a writer, I encourage people to read books, but oftentimes, people read books about the Bible without a basic knowledge of the whole of the Word. Many Christian writers specialize in certain areas of the Word thinking they are proclaiming truth, but we need to remind ourselves that when a subject is taken out of context, it can lead to error through imbalance.

So How Do We Keep Balance in the Word?
As recorded in John 4, Jesus met a woman in Samaria at Jacob’s well. Through a prophetic word of knowledge, He revealed her heart, and in the end, released her as a great evangelist to her city. In the course of their discussions, she asked Jesus a theological question: where is the place one ought to worship? The Samaritan woman was attempting to understand life through a one-sided approach. Her one-sided approach of seeking the Spirit alone would not bring the life she was looking for. Of course, neither would the other one-sided approach of seeking truth without the Spirit. Jesus responded, “God is a spirit and everyone who worships Him must worship in Spirit and in truth.”

What is Truth? Jesus said, “Thy word is truth.”

The world is in desperate need of help. We are called to be salt and light; something to see and also something that preserves or saves. We need to be a people who want the Spirit and the Word (truth) together. Our knowledge of the Word can’t simply be based upon a theme of the Word; it must be based upon the whole counsel of God. The Pentecostal-charismatic movement has run its course and unfortunately, it has often run off course. Now is time for the full ministry of Jesus Christ!

Jesus was the Word with the spirit ministering to the world in which He lived. It is time for the “sons” of God to appear in our world as messengers of the Spirit and truth. Join me and let’s have the impact our Heavenly Father desires from His people!