How to make sure history doesn't repeat itself in your life

Loren Covarrubias Blog

In the late 1800’s, we had what was called the “Second Industrial Revolution,” also known as “The Technological Revolution.” The first revolution started 100 years earlier and had tremendous impact on civilization, especially the Western World. The second was noted as a time of exponential development because of the rise of technological advances.

During this time, Charles Darwin formulated the concepts we know as evolution. He believed that through natural selection, mankind and all animal life had a related history that dated back to the same beginning. By the 1900’s, these two influences converged to form a society that decided belief in God should be replaced by the understanding of the natural ascent of mankind. Though not a formulated plan per se, it was decided we would now be “man-centered,” deriving our strength from human wisdom and understanding as opposed to the foolishness of religion. These foundational pieces formed the roots of the influence of secularization that thrives today.

The idea is that religion needs to be pushed to the fringe of society so it does not influence, or slow down, mankind’s progression into a great utopian society.

Christians Lost Their Way and Bought into a Lie!
Many Christians were influenced to believe that they needed to become more modern in their outlook if they wanted to stay relevant. One of the dramatic changes was a transition from believing the Bible as the Word of God to a more sophisticated concept, as a book with “spiritual” wisdom with little relevance to everyday life. In America, this meant that a lot of the positive Christian influence on our nation needed to be discounted and submitted to the new wave of influence, in spite of the great number of Christians that lead the charge for social change as well as social welfare during the 1800’s.

In fact, most of the major colleges of the time were created for the purpose of training religious leaders and advancing Christian beliefs, but all of this changed with the “new era” into which mankind was moving. Many of the mainline denominations sought social acceptance more than divine approval. The result of this has been the decline and deterioration of these denominations to greater and greater irrelevance.

Will You Believe the “New” Lies They are Speaking?
Through the decline of once powerful denominations, we witnessed the rise of active and powerful growth through evangelical and Pentecostal churches. When these movements began, both society and the established church sought to ostracize them as unlearned people born on the “wrong side of the tracks.” But God, who uses the foolishness of His word to oppose the wisdom of man, has raised up a powerful Bible-believing influence in America. God is good!

Yet, in the midst of this great move of God in the evangelical and Pentecostal churches, it appears as if history is repeating itself. Many Bible-believing churches are feeling the pressure to give in to the modern influences of the greater society so they can be “relevant” again. Many are giving in to the pressure to deny the power of God’s word and are reducing the influence of the Bible in their daily choices. In the midst of this, I hear God saying to His true believers: “Don’t give in!”

You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. (1 John 4:4 NKJV)

We need to be reminded that what we have in Christ has proven itself to be more powerful than the world. We cannot compromise truth or dilute the promise of God.

It is time to arise and shine so the glory of the Lord can be seen upon us! Church, we must remember, “…greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.” Don’t let history repeat itself in your lifetime.