Who are the disciples?

At the conclusion of Jesus’ earthly ministry He commissioned His disciples to go forth into all the nations to disciples and teaching them to observe all things He commanded. Today, this word rings out even more clearly over all the nations of the earth. We need disciples not believers. We need people who are sold out to the call of Jesus Christ in every aspect of their lives that would equip others to go do the same thing. Now is our time to have the greatest impact on the world as His followers!

How do we define discipleship?

A disciple is a follower or adherent of the person they were a disciple of. Now is our time to be followers or adherents of Jesus Christ so we can reflect the fullness of His kingdom. This book was inspired by the writing of Jesus and Paul challenging us to walk in maturity and fulfill our destiny. We cannot be everything He has spoken if we continue to operate as children. Now is our time to fulfill His destiny and help others adhere to the principles of the kingdom of God and experience the transformational work that is available for those that follow Him. I believe the Lord is looking for those that will commit themselves as devoted followers. His desire is a people that will be taught and instructed by the Word, living out its tenants even when it comes at a personal cost. Now is our time to examine the area of our lives and address what is limiting us from fulfilling our purpose. I hope you will join me in my quest to be everything He has called us to be!


Darcel Butzu

Dave & Brandi Gittens

John Curtis

Kevin & Elmeka Steele


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Why should I join a group?

This teachings should be taken with the intent to grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord and activate His principles in our everyday lives. Jesus Christ is not just concerned about what we do, He is concerned about who we are. The world has done a great job influencing the church and taking us off message. It is because of this that we have lost our identity in the Father. This material will bring clarity to our role and function so we can walk in His purpose today.

Why should I join a group?

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