What is the end of desire and self-gratification?

Loren Covarrubias Blog

One of the major debates these days concerns the desires of the LGBT community. They say they are born with certain desires that need expression, no matter how much they are not “normal” desires in society as a whole. Of course, these desires are limited to a very small number of people, although through the media, we are given the impressions they are rampant throughout society. The major push behind the changes in traditional guidelines of marriage and family that are being demanded are based on complaints they are a minority group that should be protected by law and have the ability to do what other people do. Unfortunately for them, their logic is self-defeating because they are not able to do what other couples do without scientific intervention. Getting married and having children is not possible for a same sex couple without bringing someone else or someone else’s body parts into the union. Society has in the past simply regulated God given abilities not tried to replace them with alternatives!

Self-Fulfillment is a Lie!
The second major drive is the idea that if someone is born with a desire, how can we prevent their happiness by regulating them and preventing them the pleasure of self-gratification? In the world today, self-gratification is considered everyone’s right. As a minister working with Christians and the general society, I have found this to be a shared problem most people have. It seems everyone has a desire they want to gratify that is being withheld from them. Perhaps this is the drive so many people find motivating them to release others. I have found many unhappy people in life who think satisfaction can only come through the fulfillment of desires and aspirations. Sometimes it’s the person who wants to be a singer who has no recognizable skill or perhaps just not the level to provide them with the full expression of their aspiration.

When I was growing up in church, the “small church” became the place for everyone to find self-expression. Pastors were too needy for members or to unwilling to face confrontation, so the church was a place where meritocracy flourished. People not called to be leaders held the church under their power desire for influence that they could not express in their low level job at work. I always said growing up I want to go to a big church so I wasn’t limited to meritocracy.

What Role Will You Play in the Battle for Truth?
We need leaders who stand up today for the good of the people and to see the kingdom of heaven truly represented in the earth. The church must be that place with the truth!

Romans 7:8 declares, “But sin taking opportunity by the commandment produced in me all manner of evil desire. For apart from the Law sin was dead.”

In the family, we need men for fathers, woman for mothers; a people that will walk beyond personal desire and self-gratification. We need people in all walks of life to take the place nature has given so we can all benefit from the perfect creation our God has given! The Law showed us what we needed; Jesus Christ supplies that need. Let’s surrender ourselves to Him so we can minister truth whether it is to the LGBT community or anyone settling for less.