What is the first step in healing our world?

Loren Covarrubias Blog

One of the major talking points in the current news cycle concerns Russian President Vladimir Putin and his attempts to impact the presidential election of the United States. There has been a continuous leak of emails from the Democratic Party, and their operatives, who have worked with Hillary Clinton. It seems Putin has reverted to some old tactics from their Cold War past, so we need to understand the history of these things. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was a lot of hopeful anticipation for a new world free from global conflicts. One of the tenets of communism was to end the control of the upper classes over the working class through a global revolution. The only way for this to happen was the infiltration of countries through covert attempts to overthrow the governments, or in some cases—outright war. The United States was involved in the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and even the revolutionary struggles of Latin America for just this reason. Once the root of communist power was overthrown in the Soviet Union, surely world peace was going to be a possibility…or was it?

Initially, Russia seemed to be open to this, as they became preoccupied by the internal conflicts of the breakup of the Soviet Union. Many Soviet nations joined the independence movement that produced the liberation of several republics, once ruled by military might dating back to World War II and the subsequent years. The Soviets were able to directly, or indirectly, maintain control over most of Eastern Europe for decades. In fact, during World War II, Winston Churchill said he would make a pact with the devil to defeat Hitler. It was this alliance with the Soviet Union that gave Joseph Stalin greater powers than Hitler wielded. The Allies liberated Western Europe, yielding Eastern Europe to the military control of the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, the allies did not have the resolve to clean up the mess the war created, setting the stage for the Cold War conflict that simmered for a generation.

Political Systems Cannot Heal our World!
Today, many of the Eastern European nations are fearful of the return of an ambitious Russia that wants to take back its former satellites. This is especially true, since the Russians took the Crimean Peninsula from the Ukraine. The harsh reality we must now acknowledge is, the aggression of the former Soviet Union was not the result of the idealism of liberating the poor working class of the world. Communism was simply an excuse for the Russians to do what they have always done. The Russian empire, overthrown by the communists, was ruled by Czars. Czars were kings appointed from the nobility to rule. They ruled with a rod of iron and spread their rule and terror as much as the world allowed. Putin, as the leader of Russia, is the typical leader Russia has favored for centuries. They have always chosen strong leaders who ruled the country with a strong arm, and used that same arm to extend the influence of the Empire. What is my point? The point is, we often think the problems we face are the result of philosophies; when in fact, philosophies are often just an excuse for human nature to justify self-centered ambitions. This has become most evident in our own political system. Our brokenness will not be solved by a philosophy; we need to confront human nature!

Healing Comes Through Confrontation!
John the Apostle had this revelation in Revelation 13, “Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.” When you read this translation, it says the number is the number of “a” man, but the literal translation is the number “of” man. We have made 666 into a demonic number, but it is really just the number of man who was created on the sixth day to compliment God’s creation. The problem we face is a self-centered man who simply creates systems for their own pleasure. This is what is wrong with our nation, and all the nations of the earth. It is time to look for God-centered leaders, instead of looking for demons and false systems. I am glad the King whose throne sets upon my heart has shown His willingness to die for me. Thank you King Jesus! Lord, help us live beyond our human nature, beyond selfishness, so we can answer Your call to live as mighty deliverers.