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Over the last week or so, the stock market has had some very precarious gyrations. One of the major problems causing a stir in the economic realm is China. The first signs of trouble came when the stock market in China started declining before the government intervened in significant ways to turn the situation around. Panic set-in when it appeared that government intervention was not taking hold. The government of China made bold moves to save the market by investing the government’s money and even halting selling.

When you have to stop selling altogether to stop a market from going down you would think rational minds would tell you there is a much bigger problem at hand.

China, formerly called Red China, is supposedly a communist country. In the late 1970’s, “pragmatism” became the guiding rule of governance. That meant that although they were communist, they wouldn’t let idealism interfere with logic. The reality is that the only part of their communist system remaining is the political one. The communist party still holds control even though communism no longer does.

Communism is not a political system, but an economic one. It is supposedly the rule to favor the “proletariat” or working class. As in every case of communism, the system eventually became the rule in favor of those in power. One of the hallmarks of the system was to keep the truth from the people and other countries so the dominion of the government wasn’t threatened. Now they continue to hide the truth for the self-centered interest of the government elites. It will be interesting to find out how many countries of the world will suffer when the truth about their country and their economic system are revealed. It is especially interesting considering their history as a communist nation and the markets dependency on them as trustworthy business partners.

We Need God’s Government!
In man’s pride, we think we can live independently from God and divine government. In our pride, we think we can live successfully without God’s guidance. This has been the direction of every system built upon the goodwill of people. Even Christian organizations and churches are susceptible to the evil of self-centered motivations. It is evident from the beginning in the Garden of Eden that we need God and His governance. Some Christians, under the guise of grace, claim freedom from God’s governance thinking they can navigate life without divine governance. Jesus Christ came to announce the reign of the Kingdom of God and gave us the choice of whether to enter or not. It is true that we do not earn the favor of God by works—there should be no question about that! However, we must recognize we need the government of God in our everyday lives.

The prophet Isaiah, when speaking of the reign of the Christ, said, “of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end.” True peace and order comes from the government of God. In the end it will be evident that the governments of this world built on human wisdom and understanding will come to an end. We must also be careful of self-government as a substitute for God’s government. Just as self-centered motivations will destroy a country, they will also destroy the person who replaces God’s government with self-government.

In the age when everyone wants to be independent of the structure of government, will Christians fall to the same deception and add a theological spin to it? We can be an answer to a failing world if we will operate in His wisdom and apply it to our everyday lives. Let’s avoid the trapping of self and in turn reflect the King and His kingdom as never before!