Why have we allowed ourselves to be blinded by marketing?

Loren Covarrubias Blog

I was reading a book on marketing that was talking about the power behind what people see. The book spoke about the use of visuals to cause people to desire something, or accept it as normal…and even necessary. They illustrated their point with an example of the cell phone. When people first began to see the use of cell phones by other people and in television, they began to desire one. There comes a point where use becomes more common and people start seeing an item as normal, or necessary. In other words, if you don’t have one, something must be wrong or missing in your life.

When we were working with a television station in Peru, I talked with the person in charge about cable versus broadcast TV. The percentage of people living in poverty in Peru is very high, so I thought we needed to emphasize broadcast TV because most of the people would not be able to afford cable. The TV director corrected me. He said, “The majority of people in Peru live on incomes of about $5 a day. Yet, with this very limited financial position, 50% had cell phones.” How do they afford this “luxury?” I am not sure, but the majority also had cable TV. Why? Most people, even in poverty stricken countries, do not consider these as luxuries but necessities for modern life!

This is why visuals are so important in marketing. This is how the Hollywood elite push their morals on popular society. They do not overtly tell you to do something; they just keep showing you something. The gay-transgender agenda is accepted as normal because this is what people see whenever they watch TV or go to the movies. Many do not realize these lifestyles are significantly more common in the media than in everyday life. This concept has a biblical name: it is called the “lust of the eyes.” The marketers know full well how to influence your behavior. It is the same strategy used by the god of this world to blind us to the hope of the Gospel.

Do You Hear the Call to Walk as a Disciple?
Christians must understand the two-fold call of the gospel: we must preach the Word and we must also demonstrate the Word! This is what Jesus Christ meant when He said, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” Jesus easily understands the human condition because He is the creator of all things. Jesus also admonished His disciples to be salt. Salt is not always seen, but if you have ever cooked for people, you know they can tell when it’s not there. However, when it comes to light, it must be seen. If we just voice our opposition to the trends of our present day society, they will just see us as preachy moralists. If we give the world something to see, we can enter the competition for the hearts and souls of the world we live in.

This is a day when our country and world need an awakening. We have had an amazing revival for the past 50 years that has increased the number of evangelical Christians in many nations of the world. Now is the time for the next level! It is time for the church not just to be alive, but it is time to rise up and shine our light. The world needs an alternative to the road it is walking on today. They need to see a people walking on a different road. We must become devoted followers of Jesus Christ and walk in His Path. The world needs to see what we have is not only desirable, but necessary to have the best life.