Will you be inspired to lead and make a difference?

Loren Covarrubias Blog

On a recent Sunday morning, I shared the familiar story of David and Goliath with my congregation. Interestingly, there is a “bigger picture” perspective within the story that many people won’t immediately recognize. In the end of the story, the army of Israel was motivated to fight and completely run off the Philistine army because of their leader, David.

David wasn’t just a mighty warrior, but an inspirational leader.

This was later demonstrated in his life when many people gathered under his leadership, ultimately leading to him becoming the King of Israel. Saul, the king during this confrontation with the Philistine army, had demonstrated his lack of true leadership in this confrontation, thus confirming what God had previously declared through the prophet Samuel.

In order for people to excel to their ultimate achievements, they will need leaders to inspire and guide them.

I believe this is the message for our present time for both the church and also our country. History teaches us the important lesson that someone will lead; the question is—WHO!

What Can We Learn from History?
In the last century, two leaders, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, took commanding leadership positions and were responsible for the deaths of about 50 million people. In the timeframe before their initial rise, the United States was motivated by a policy of isolation. The thinking of our nation was to concentrate on our own problems. It was actually the empire of Great Britain that spanned the globe and was the major power in those years.

In the early days of Hitler’s and Stalin’s rise, they became more self-focused, nursing the wounds suffered after World War I. The world, motivated by a policy of appeasement, stood by while they started divvying up Europe. The result was a much more deadly war—World War II. After the war, the United States took over as the leader of the Free World to be an opposing force to Stalin and the Soviet Union who still maintained their goals of world dominion.

Leadership of the Free World was costly and many nations of the world resented our place of leadership. Like David who was ostracized by his brothers when he decided to stand up to Goliath, many people, envious of our role, criticized the United States and questioned our motives. Although there certainly was room for criticism, we must be careful not to think the world’s problems will automatically be solved.

As a nation and a people, we must always understand the need for leadership and observe the consequences of abdicating that role to whoever will take it. The United Nations, formed from the former League of Nations, is built on the idea of “rule by consensus.” This system has never been successful because the truth is someone has always sought to take leadership because that is the way the world really works.

Is There Not a Cause?
In this day, we as Christians must answer the call for leadership in our world or we will continue to be oppressed by those who choose to rule over us! Will you stand for the cause of your generation like David stood for the cause of his and inspire others?